Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good manners count: always.

The Laguna Seca show couldn’t have happened at a better time: for three weeks, it left us wondering what will happen in the second leg of the season.
Rossi and Stoner, the protagonists of one of the most breathtaking races in the last few years, have vacationed in different parts of the world, but I am positive that they must have re-played in their minds, over and over, the crucial moments of their last race. Who knows how many times they have asked themselves if the outcome in Laguna, indeed, reflects their real level of skills. In a recent interview, Valentino wished that the rest of the races would be as much fun as the last one was. Stoner’s reply: I have rested in Australia with my family and my wife while training and now I cannot wait to race again. My guess is that the Aussie is still in pain from the last defeat during which his performance has raised obvious questions. Is he as good as Rossi? Can he stand that kind of pressure? Can he win in a tight dice where he cannot use the extra speed of his Ducati?
Have said that, as Rossi’s fan, I am not the most neutral person to conduct a comparison among the two riders, I believe that Stoner in Laguna Seca cracked under the pressure built by the Italian champion one overtaking action after another one. We don’t know if Stoner’s strategy was the result of something planned ahead of just the outcome of the testosterone typical of a young rider. Anyhow, in his boots, after realizing the type of race that I had ahead, I would have gave Rossi the false impression that I had given up, only to attack him in the last couple of laps. Also, with an eye on the championship it would have been better to “accept” a second place than to crash and jeopardize the final classification.
Last note just for the records of the PMP blog, we, Rossi’s fan, motorbike lovers and sport people in general, have not forgot Stoner’s refusal in shaking Valentino’s hand at the end of the race: a terrible example of sportsmanship for the millions of viewers all around the globe.

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Jimmy said...

Stoner needs to learn when to shut up. He was such a little crybaby at Laguna.

Alessandro Matteucci aka Alex 555 said...

Someone must have told him because this weekend he was totally different. I read that he actually softened his opinion about Rossi in Laguna Seca recalling somehow what happened between Valentino and Elias the last season. Regardless I am sure that Sunday he will be determined to prove that he can withstand Rossi's pressure: he doesn't want to be another Biaggi or Gibernau.