Saturday, March 08, 2008

Born to turn!

Now you know why even the average rider or driver in Europe is so good! Because they are conceived, born and raised in natural tracks with every sort of corner: from the increasing radius to the double apex, from the U-shaped turn to double esses. You name it. Even Valentino Rossi as kid used to "practice" on a mountain road nearby his town. Obviously I am not suggesting that riders or drivers should consider public roads as local tracks, because it's too dangerous and irresponsible. My point is that for a kid used to ride in twisty road like in the video, it becomes totally natural to "use" the available asphalt at the entrance as well as the exit of the corner. Have you notice the crispy lines, the bold apexes and the easy management of the rear to close the slower corners? Given the rider's position on the supermotard, I am speculating that the rider doesn't have a professional background: indeed it suggests to me that he is one of the many talented street riders that you could meet while riding in the European countryside.

Video found by Almos.