Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rizla Suzuki MotoGp

Today different web sites are showing pictures of the new Suzuki MotoGP, but Motogp.com has the most detailed ones. The new original livery has generated different reactions among the general public. The Rizla color is so original that if it wasn' t for the Suzuki stickers nobody among the general public would have recognized the brand at the first sight. What happened to the traditional Suzuki colors? Will we see replicas in the streets and at the tracks if John Hopkins and Chris Vermeulen get to the podium this season? We hope so! And at that point there is a good chance that someone will have changed the exaust pipe bracket and the air duct right below the front number!!!!

The British Rizla Suzuki web site show a lot of pictures of the GSX bikes that have been racing in UK.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Aprilia back in SBK in 2008?

Aprilia back in SBK in 2008? This is the rumor. Troy Corser and Regis Laconi had a decent season back in 2000/2001with Aprilia but then the whole thing fell apart. I do not recall anything in particular done even by Colin Edward with Aprilia Cube besides the numerous problems. I recall a pic of him riding the bike literaly "on fire" (from www.insidebikes.com) Anyhow, the interesting side of the story is what previously said about the possibility of Max Biaggi riding an italian bike in SBK ....
If 1+1 = 2 then when compared to Ducati, Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha the sum equals to zero

Robert Lombardi at Daytona International Raceway

It's official Robert Lombardi will race the 2006 season under the red and white colors of United Watermains, Inc. NY. The season will start at the Daytona International Raceway with a busy weekend about which we are still awaiting to get more details. It seems that the president and owner of United Watermains, Frank Aluzzo will fly to Daytona to cheer his rider from the pit lane. Good luck Robert!!!
In the pictures, Robert Lombardi in a 2005 podium and Frank Aluzzo, himself an avid rider, resting after a session during a club event at Pocono Raceway.

what happened to the "bollo" on Valentino's bike?

Since the beggining of the year and screening hundreds of pictures I have not seen yet the "bollo" (a sort of italian registration) and insurance cards on his windshield. I know that it's has been renewed each year with updated information so I am still confident that we will see it at the first race. Lets' see who is the first one to spot it on a picture

Sunday, February 26, 2006

WSBK: First 2 races of the season

Toseland and Corser have won the first 2 races. Toseland was aggressive and fast in the first race, so it happened to be there when Haga wiped out Kagayama while braking hard with a worn front tire. I was surprised with the performance of the different bikes. The Suzuki had more accelleration but top speed was similar for the different brands. At the end of the big straight nobody was coming strong out of the draft. The whole race looked like a GP 250 race.
The second race was dominated by Corser. Bayliss had to work very hard to get on his tail and at that point it was already the last lap. Did anybody see him passing Haga and Toseland ? Moe and I were watching the TV together and both of us missed it.
Barros got 6th and 7th. Yesterday I read that Bayliss forecasts a great performance for the brasilian rider in WSBK: I really hope to see him at the front of the pack soon.
It seems that Biaggi's father claimed that Max is going to race in Superbike with an italian bike (?). Do you believe it?