Saturday, March 08, 2008

Born to turn!

Now you know why even the average rider or driver in Europe is so good! Because they are conceived, born and raised in natural tracks with every sort of corner: from the increasing radius to the double apex, from the U-shaped turn to double esses. You name it. Even Valentino Rossi as kid used to "practice" on a mountain road nearby his town. Obviously I am not suggesting that riders or drivers should consider public roads as local tracks, because it's too dangerous and irresponsible. My point is that for a kid used to ride in twisty road like in the video, it becomes totally natural to "use" the available asphalt at the entrance as well as the exit of the corner. Have you notice the crispy lines, the bold apexes and the easy management of the rear to close the slower corners? Given the rider's position on the supermotard, I am speculating that the rider doesn't have a professional background: indeed it suggests to me that he is one of the many talented street riders that you could meet while riding in the European countryside.

Video found by Almos.


Alessandro Matteucci aka Alex 555 said...

Incidentally, Lorenzo is from Maiorca, another European island with beautiful, breathtaking twisty roads

Anonymous said...

What bikes are these?

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Alessandro Matteucci aka Alex 555 said...

I believe Honda

Anonymous said...

what camera are these guys using ? I want one !

Anonymous said...

just one hint:
the max allowed speed on a "autoroute" in france is 90 km/h.
going more than 140 in france will get you into jail for 3 months and the bike taken away.
always ride with your eyes open ;)

le bob said...

The speed limit on autoroutes isn't 90 kph you muppet, that's standard class roads. IF you're going to post then at least get your facts right

French autoroute speed limits are as follows

Normal conditions - 130 km/h (80 mph)
Rain or wet road conditions - 110 km/h (70 mph)
Fog or snowy/icy conditions - 50 km/h (30 mph)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, terrorizing car drivers is really-really cool. You guys are my heroes!


Anonymous said...

Morons in any language.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Arseholes all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Does not matter how good you think you are you will end-up in a long list of death biker just hope you would take other innocent life with you !

Anonymous said...

fools...... nothing more, nothing less. Squids at their most idiotic

Anonymous said...

Bet they are dead already! We can only hope!

Anonymous said...

Say what you will, but most riders, if not all, wish they had both the skills and the balls to ride like that.

Anonymous said...

Skills, yes. Balls? All it takes is a complete disregard for the safety of others.

They're incredibly skilled morons. Fun to watch, and you betcher ass I wish I could ride like 'em, but that wouldn't stop me from brake checking them if I was in my cage.

Take it to the track.

Anonymous said...

I usually don't jump into these things, but in this case I just had to. I've seen an awful lot of commentary as I read the posts that ran towards the "these guys are squids / fools / idiots" vein. Comments like "I'd brake check 'em" and such..."
Here's the bad news. That's the "ugly American" coming out in you guys.
Those young men are talented, enthusiastic riders having fun in a place and time where it is not only OK, but rather expected.
Euro drivers are much less confrontational and territorial than are American drivers. They EXPECT motorcyclists to be out having fun. So long as you are not endangering someone (and even that is subjective) then please, enjoy your ride - I'll enjoy mine is the prevaling attitude.
Bikes are ENCOURAGED to "filter to the front" in heavy traffic. The idea of lane "ownership" is almost non-existent, and a well-executed pass is usually met with a grin.
There is a vast difference between aggressive driving and angry driving - we see so much in the media about road-rage and such, yet we collectively fail to realize that it's our common ANGER that makes this a reality.
Live and let live - what ever happened to that?

Anonymous said...

Soooo... no one ever wrecks and causes other people harm in Europe? Sounds idyllic.

But, fair enough. Were I European, on European roads, I would feel differently, and I would doubtless be grinning in envy and appreciation. A lot of that has to do with the fact that European motorcyclists have, as far as I know, better training and tougher licensing requirements. Were I to see the average American Squid attempting similar hooliganery, I would cringe, because more than likely he's unlicensed, uninsured, and completely oblivious to the grievous bodily harm he could cause others.

I'm going to stick with my "take it to the track" comment for Americans. Europeans, please continue to ride like crazy - it's a joy to watch.

Anonymous said...

I'm a really good marksman. Would you mind if I followed you and your family to your neighborhood store and while you are walking inside, saw how close I could come to hitting you with a round or two? What these guys are not doing is playing the odds very well. Is a 1 in 1000 chance of serious injury or death acceptable to any one other than an idiot? They are not allowing for that 1 in 1000 chance of something unexpectedly happening. You have my permission to ride like that. You'll be dead soon enough. The sooner the better.

Boy Goerge said...

Europe seems to have open twisty rounds that are not high traffic area's but still close enough not to have to drive for an hour to get way from traffic.
But really you shouldn't practice high speed racing on public streets.
Great post, lots of comments.

p226 said...


Some great riding in that video.

Some incredibly stupid riding in that video.

Those kids keep riding like that, it's not a matter of if, but when they become a greasy spot on the side/front/rear of someone's sedan. Take it to the track. Too many variables on the street.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Some very, very angry people leaving comments here: so angry they want others dead. Interesting - I wonder where that kind of repressed aggression comes from. And what happens when, one day, it comes out.
I don't wish anyone dead here, I just hope that all the angry people get lives. Relax.

Anonymous said...

I love this video and the music used in it. I keep playing it behind my apps at work, listening to the beautiful contrast of soothing music and motard mayhem. The first song is easy to get: Around the World, by Daft Punk. Would love to know the others, especially the second one.

Oh and with regard to the haters... It's most often the fat riders with no skills that hate riders like these in the vid. Yo hater, you think these kids are going to die next week? Think again. You guys go on and compensate for what you lack while we go on having fun doing what we want. We'll live while you just watch on TV from the comfort and safety of your couch, ok?

Anonymous said...

See points from all sides... they should save it for the track, but then again some of it is fine for us europeans. Bikes filtering between lanes is perfectly legal in most countries here.

When I lived in the states I couldn't believe how reckless people were in cars, and that was only at 30/40mph... a guy I worked with called me a speed demon for doing 50 in a 40 (no schools, crosswalks, intersections etc.. just a straight road with a ridiculous speed limit). The craziest sight I saw as an R1 ride sat up on his bike doing 55mph.. I almost got wiped out one day coming into a supermarket car park by a woman coming at me in a mini-van, 5 or 6 kids in the back, she was on the wrong side of the road, drinking coffee, on the phone (between her head and shoulder) and had a wendys (looked like a classic no.2) in the other hand... kinda makes these guys look safe... saying that though I wouldn't wish any harm to her or her kids...

Anonymous said...

Not long now to wait for these riders to die with stupid riding like that! Have there families seen how they ride?

Anonymous said...

I'm an American who not only loves the riding in the vid, but has roads nearby where it is possible.
Some posters above are right- it does anger many Americans. Too bad.
Wishing others ill because you disagree is far more intolerant and intolerable than some hooligan riding in the countryside.
I say, ride on! And if you come to America, I hope we can ride together!

Bob said...

Ok folks. Have read pretty much every comment that's been put up here on this clip.

In a nutshell, these guys are breaking the law. Fact. A whole host of charges could (and should) be thrown at them. Riding without due care and attention, Wreckless endangerment to themselves and others, Speeding are the first thing that comes to mind. Am sure there could 'possibly' be more if you delve closer i.e question of insurance, license, intoxication, etc. Who knows!

I've no doubt that these guys, or at least one of them, will find themselves on a mortuary table very soon. Of that, I have no doubt.

This shape or form of motorcycling should be kept to a closed circuit i.e. a track. Not on public roads. They are not only endangering their own lives (and lets be honest here, does anyone really care about these two?) but they are putting other peoples lives a risk also ... And that, is the issue.

It's wrong and illegal to do this sort of thing in civilian/domestic built up areas. Fact. All it takes is one dog or child to run out and there would be a fatality or paralysis. (I'm not sure which is worse!)

I see someone wrote 'Say what you will, but most riders, if not all, wish they had both the skills and the balls to ride like that.'

Interesting reading! This person has some growing up to do. There is no REAL motorcycling skill applied by here by these two gentlemen (or perhaps the camera bike is a female rider, I do not know). The real Skill is, being sensible with the power you KNOW is in the bike and applying it when it is safe to do so and without endangering anyone elses lives.

I'm guessing that's why I have never had an accident or dropped any of my bikes in 20 years.

And I'm also guessing that these two wont be able to acquire 20 years of motorcycling experience between them.

Be good.

Anonymous said...

That clip fucking RULES!

Anonymous said...

"The real Skill is, being sensible with the power you KNOW is in the bike and applying it when it is safe to do so and without endangering anyone elses lives."

Exactly the one and only rule these street hoolies will stick to.

Riders stick to the law, at least approximately.