Saturday, February 09, 2008

Chupa Chups: to suck is good for you!

Out of curiosity I have searched Chupa Chups, the big logo displayed on Lorenzo’s X-Lite helmet to discover that it’s a Spanish lollipop created by a certain Enric Bernat in 1958 and now owned by the Italian-Dutch corporation Perfetti Van Melle. The simple, essential and straightforward logo was designed by the surrealist Salvator Dali’, in what could be a perfect example of less is more. The name Chupa Chups originates from chupar, Spanish verb meaning to suck.

As Rossi has openly admitted in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, he had request Yamaha to postpone the acquisition of the new young talent, however it was not possible so, even though he has still “ to get in front” of him, once it will happen, Lorenzo will be an extra stimulus to improve.

The Spaniard has already let people know that he will not be the Colin of the past: he is in MotoGp to win. His skills and potential are proven, but so far he has struggled in getting the right feeling from the M1 to lower significantly his lap time. Lorenzo has justified his results with a lack of confidence in the front end coumpounded by an annoying vibration. As Jim has written in his blog Armchairbikefan, there is a good chance that Jorge will have to change his riding style, maybe shaving a bit of entrance speed to focus more in accelerating at the exit of the turn using the traction control at its full potential. Lorenzo should keep in mind that Stoner has won a World Championship by skyrocketing out of the turns while his ex teammate Capirossi, consistently faster than him in the first part of the corners, finished the season with a meager 7th position.
Normally a new and young rider would keep a low profile in order to absorb or better steal as much as he can from the more experienced teammate, but this is not the case of Lorenzo. He is openly in competition with everybody starting from Rossi. That’s why they have separated their garages with a wall or they have recently had an “accident” when one of Rossi’s crew-members was invited to leave immediately Lorenzo’s pit area.
The swellheaded Lorenzo will undoubtedly add salt to the coming season, but his egocentric attitude is going to draw a lot of attention and critics: anything less than an exceptional performance will remind us of the English meaning of chupar


Alessandro Matteucci aka Alex 555 said...

Almos ..I have discovered why Rossi cut his hair. He did it after watching again his own video from last summer, that one that he sent to the media to address the issue with the Italian tax agency. In the interview with LaStampa he says that he doesn't regret the content of the video but the image of himself. He looked distressed and his hair ... "a disaster". He felt very bad about it and he decided to cut them short (" ... e li ho rapati").

Boy Goerge said...

Funny post. Informative, Now I know what "Chupa" Means and that there's a Spanish lollipop owned by an Italian-Dutch corporation. See, who said blogs aren't educational?

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